Sculpture has been in my veins since very young growing up in Bogota, Colombia. But I chose dentistry as my life training and profession, graduating at 25 as a dentist.

I live and practice dentistry and do my sculpting in Long Beach, California.  Where kite surfing and racquetball have also been my sports passions.

There was no sculptor family member or friend growing up.  My Dad was, and still is at 96 years old, a terrific oil painter of flowers and landscapes. Looking back, I now think it is a shame that none of the 6 siblings took up his wonderful painting methods.  I am now a lucky owner of a few of his paintings.

I was not the art whiz kid who would be drawing all the time, or even showing any interest in making things. Yet, during my high school, college and dental school years I knew that I wanted to learn about sculpture making. My brothers knew that I was weird since none of them even thought about it.  Yet, I had not taken the time at all to enroll in any art class by the time I finished my dental schooling.

I finally learned to draw as a self taught adult.  When I draw or paint nowadays, I really like using my finger painting app BRUSHES on the iphone.  I still find myself “drawing” sketches in clay and wax instead.