Please feel free to ask me your questions regarding anything related to sculpture in any medium.  I may even know the answer or point you in the right direction.

What’s your favorite medium to work with?

I enjoy most mediums that I work with as long as I can work directly with my hands: clay, wax, stone, urethane plastics.  Clay by far is the most fun to begin a sculpt so I use it for quick sketches.  Good clay can hold such a nice thin edge that I can push to a big degree.

Do you work in wax?

Yes, a lot. Since it requires heat I usually use an open flame so I have to do it in a safe environment. I do love working in wax, mostly a blend of microcrystalline wax from the sculpture suppliers.

Do you use plaster?

Of course!  I use plain plaster to pour ‘working models’ and combined with burlap I may use the plaster to make molds and ‘mother mold’ structures. Many times, especially when I like a particular of a piece that I know I have to develop further, I take a ‘quickie’ mold using plaster before I make any changes on it . That I way I end up with different versions of the same concept.

How can I get started in sculpting?

The easiest way is to hook up with a school of some type. Or be fortunate enough to take classes from a knowledgeable teacher that is willing to teach from the ground up.  There are many on the Web if you a Google search.

The great clay portrait Master Philipe Faraut comes to mind.  He has published many wonderful books. Very detailed and full of pictures.  He has many videos in his website that are a must-watch. He also teaches classes throughout the country.

Why and when do you use plastics instead of bronze?

I love bronze for certain pieces.  It is however very expensive to cast because I have to use an outside foundry to finish my pieces.  I also loose some of the direct touch because the foundry has the ability to ‘adapt’ the sculpt.

I use the plastic urethanes when I want to do a light weight yet strong structure or when I need translucency.   See my turtles and my jellyfish.

Which Urethane Materials do you use?

I have been using the Smooth On products that can be found on line at Reynolds Advanced Materials.  Reynolds also offers classes around the country in their 10 locations.  Great resource because their inside specialists really know stuff!