I love the 3D dimensionality of sculpture.  In representational art of objects, people and animals the sculpted piece allows the viewer an all-around vment in the time of that object and freezes it for ever. Such is usually defined as the POSE of the piece, the expression that the artist is trying to convey.

I express a lot of my effort by using the natural colors of the stone and when available, the translucency of the stone and the cast plastics.  I also enjoy using the ‘negative space’ volumes to convey my messages.



Translucent Italian Alabaster 23″ wide

1975 – Wood Was a Wonderful Starter Teaching Medium For Me

I have made sculptures for a long time, since 1975, Right after graduating from dental school.  I so focused in going to dental school, and then concentrated in graduating successfully, I never had school time to get any formal art education in college.

Rather, I hit the books on wood carving until I found Christoph Ritterhausen, a local wood sculptor and instructor in Whittier, California that taught me a lot.  He went on to the Walt Disney Studios in their sculpting department.

Black Walnut 16″ tall
Black Walnut
6 feet long

1981 – My Love With Stone Began

In 1981 I attended a stone carving class as an extension course from UCLA, located in Santa Monica right next to the original Gold’s Gym where Arnold and a bunch of his body building buddies were working out.

White Carrara Marble
19″ tall mounted on black marble base

Around the same time I was fortunate enough to find the great stone guru Tony Amato at the Laguna Art School.  He soon moved to Vista, California where I attended his wonderful classes for 6 years.  He also had a great variety of stones to carve!

Calfiornia Alabaster picked right at the alabaster mine in Southern California
21″ mounted on black marble base
This was my first piece done under the teachings of Tony Amato

I continued to carve, carve carve stone!  Loved it!

I wish that I had taken photos of several pieces that I have sold but never got around to photographing.

Casting Urethane – My latest find is casting my final pieces in plastic urethane materials.  The process is similar to casting bronze in that you have to make a mold from the original. Then pour the material inside.  Then paint & finish.

These urethane materials are so strong and versatile!

Please email me or use the Contact Me page if you want me to post the process of making a sculpture in urethane.







Clay, or course!   Such a great feeling to get my hands on a chunk of good clay like Smooth Sculpture sold by Clay Planet in California.  Nice detail, no? It almost makes up for the hassle of having to keep the piece wrapped and moist while not working on it.  Means that storing it long term will dry out too much.